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The Easiest And Most Intuitive
Way To Track Your Time.

SessionsPro is only available on iOS. We will launch the Android, Windows & Blackberry version very soon.

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Be more productive

Get more done in less time.

SessionsPro provides you with data on each "session" to know exactly when and how long you worked. You can easily create counters to track the time spent on various projects. SessionsPro counts the total time for each session running and provides you the data, which helps improve your efficiency and productivity.

SessionsPro can be used by anyone. Freelancers can use the app to track hours & earnings for each client. Entrepreneurs and managers can use it to calculate the time spent working on different projects. Students can use it to monitor the time they spent studying.

Multitasking made easy

Track the time you spend on multiple activities

With Sessions, you can run multiple timers at once. For example, if you go jogging while listening to an audiobook, track both your "reading" and "exercise" projects at the same time. This feature allows you to set your mind free from the hassle of managing time for each project.

The simple, beautiful, and intuitive interface of Sessions lets you spend more time working and less time managing your time. You can also edit "sessions" to manually add or remove time and create "sessions" to track when you work.

Generate reports of your work

Export or email detailed project data

Using SessionsPro, you can export or email detailed project data. The data is mainly comprised of client name, category, project details and project rate. This report helps you analyze the amount of money earned from a particular project.

You can also view the start and end date of the project using this feature. Mark a session as paid and export your data in PDF file format. SessionsPro allows push notification reminders and you can categorize different sessions in groups.

Track earnings from a project

Know how much you earned from various project

SessionsPro allows you to add optional earnings down to the millisecond. It tracks earnings in real time so you can see just how much you're earning. This feature makes it easy to know how much you earned from various projects.

SessionsPro works perfectly on both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. It has a user-friendly interface and each time can be of 6 color schemes. You can also track things in the background, when the phone is off and add notes for each session for quick reminders.


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