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The one and only way to be more productive

Track the time you spend on each task

19 Jun 2015

Thousands and thousands of articles have been written on productivity by people who are interested in this subject. Just a simple Google search ‘How to be more productive’ will show you different takes from experts who come up with various techniques and guides to cater to their audience. Even though all these techniques can work in your favor and improve your productivity, but the problem is there are ton of them to choose from. Trying out each one of them can consume a lot of your time. So if there’s one technique you can really implement and make the most of is this:

Track the time you spend on each task:

There’s a famous saying, which goes something like ‘What gets measured gets done’. In order to be more productive, the one and only thing you need to do is track the time you spent on each project and task. Measure how long it takes for you to design a logo, create a prototype or simply write a piece of content. This is not necessarily linked to the work you do, but also the hours you spend exercising, lunch and commute. Each and everything must be measured to create room from improvement.

You will be shocked to see how much time is being wasted on things that don’t matter. Cut those things out of your schedule and focus only on the things which help you get closer to your goals and dreams. Staying productive means taking more action on your top priority and we all know taking action is hands down is the straightest road to success. You can use different tools for each task, project and expense or you can use Vozye which is a time sheet application containing all the features in one place. Whether it’s related to the company you are employed at or your own entrepreneurial venture, with the help of our timesheet app you can basically measure each and every component. Try SessionsPro now à